You can use School Friendzy on any device including PC, MAC or Chromebook computers, or on any iOS or Android smart phone or tablet. You can download your homework at school and do your assignments anywhere with or without internet.

How to get started

For Students

Get started using School Friendzy today for Free! Simply tell your teacher to implement School Friendzy at your school.

You will be able to connect with Free Live Tutors, and see how your classmates solved their assignments correctly. You can even become a tutor and earn service hours while solidifying your understanding of the concepts. Tutoring other students looks great on your college application

Teachers and Schools

Want to try School Friendzy in your classroom for free? Sign up for a 30 day trial and register your students. Its easy and takes less than 5 minutes in 3 easy steps.

1. Register as a teacher
2. Click on Teachers Functions and then Register Students
3. Start creating assignments


Which Platforms do we support?

We support iOS, Android and we have a web version, which means it'll work on any device!

  • available on desktops
  • available on the play store
  • available on the app store

Highlighted Features

  • Grade Automatically
  • Free Live Tutoring
  • Kids Help Each Other
  • 16+ Million Resources