Homework Friendzy Reviews

By Yasir Rafiq
East or West, Homework Friendzy is the best app.

By Lilleysmonkeys
This is a fantastic app! It has great fact practice on a huge variety of levels. My students love trying to reach the next level!


Best app
By Txshjjzdjn
This is a good app for kids to learn things that they have trouble on.

By Teach1154
This app is fun and my students enjoy it!

By Alcy1&2
Great game for my classroom!

By Alexis Richardson
Very good for teaching math

Great app.
By Dj314157
Kids love it!

By Poopy2826
This is a really cool awesome games for students! awesome awesome game

By Math47766
This app is great for during class

Good learning
By Thomasruan3
Kids get to learn math

BEST of the Best!!!
By Marty’s Genius
I LOVE these apps!! They are the BEST learning apps I have found (and I have looked at most of what is available and tried many). These are very high-quality apps, they run so smoothly, and I am learning a ton!!! They are full of information…knowledge that everybody should learn and know. (I have 10 apps in the Friendzy series.) I love this method of learning, where I learn the basics first and then progress to the intermediate and then advanced. I will get any educational apps you make!!! I know they are the BEST Learning apps!!!

Great App!!
By YogaBlitz
Tried this out for my daughter. It is terrific. Learn and have fun. My daughter loves a challenge so, playing other children from around the world adds some excitement. Love it!

Need to get its so fun
By Momhousekeeper
This is a great app. If any one needs help with math, this app will help. So get it ! :-) have fun with math

By kgiddie
Great math app- my son loved it!

By Mom of six in WV
Math fun fun fun. I love it. Mom said to try it.


What a great app for learning mathematics. Really cool!!!
By Ajkumarr
This app is really awesome for math activity

Homework Friendzy
By Taylor lucy swift
This game is fun and helpful for learning math.

By Ambassador-Daisy Lou Miller
My grandaughters just love this game, I have 2 make them go 2 bed ... I could not be more pleased...

By Renee Rattray
Its fun, i enjoy learning with my daughter

By Patricia Duque
It is a great game and my kids enjoy playing it. They learn very fast.

By Doris Reina-Landaverde
I love this app helps my family learn

By Beth Clifton
This is a good app for 3rd graders who are a little bit behind in school

By Phillis Bogi Carpenter
Love this app for my GBABIES

By Michelle Chavez
This game as helped my childeren as well as me refreshing my skills thanks

By Lorena Jimenez
My son loves this app!!!

By Angela Tanner
My daughter loves this game

By KennethandMimi Canterbury
I suggest this excellent app to help your child who has problems with math, or like our Lil Bear who is very good but can always improve. It let you take an entry exam and takes you from there.

By Tkf40
This game is awesome you can play other people from different countries.


Homework Friendzys
By Wonderful math hero
This game is a good game to play and compete with other people in the world and it is helpful for people like me with math and make your math grades go up . THANK U MATH FRIENDZIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smarty math dude!
By Peuhhhhh
It’s awesome,it helped me with my problems and how fast I can type that answer.and at school I’m getting good math grades cause of math freindzy! I would of still struggling if it wasn’t for my teacher who told me an app about math freindzy,and math freindzy who helped me a lot! By Anthony r

Gives me a headache in a good way!
By Rachannaa
I’ve been working on getting better at my math. It makes me think fast and hard but it also helps you learn your math. I will be telling everyone who has a hard time with math to try out this app. I normally don’t comment on apps but I really think this app helps if you use it! Try and keep practicing your math and you will be good at it!

Great Math App!
By David-3d
You can choose your own math subject and can play the computer, or against a random competitor from around the world, or you can challenge your friend in a best-of-three games battle. I like the game interface and music. This app makes math fun!

By Donovan Jones
It’s a good way for kids to learn while having fun. I am student and this game it is the best to me. Kids should love it. You are racing while adding and subtracting at the same time and you can also do a subject separate.

Awesome :)
By A+ person
This game made me learn a lot and I even get to play with other people around the world BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!

By Vanessa Lares
Homework Friendzy is a great pass time especially on road trips.. Just can't get enough..


By Chrishuna
I really like this game it helped me a lot
Thank you

Homework Friendzys
By Wonderful math hero

By Asome friend
I love this game it rocks

I love
By tressaswag!!!!
Omg I love this games

By Charly Carreon
Wow this game is awesome its fun to play with others