Free Peer to Peer Tutoring

If your school is not already participating in this program, please contact your Principal and ask him/her to contact School Friendzy for more information.

Whenever a student needs help on a specific problem, he/she can get help from a live tutor anonymously or by username.

School tutors receive a push notification and can see all the students who need help.

Tutors can help multiple students at the same time.

The student and tutor can chat anonymously via text or drawing, both asynchronously and in real time.

Tutors can be older students within the same school, students from a nearby high school/college, or members of the community.

Teachers have full control of the tutors and can see converstations with their students.

Teachers can also see the students' work before and after getting help from a tutor.

Tutoring sessions are anonymous to avoid preferential treatment and to eliminate students' fear of asking questions.

Tutors earn service hours or community service for each hour they help students.

Students who tutor learn teaching skills, solidify their own understanding of the subject matter, and can use their experience for college applications.